Our mission to reduce global water usage wouldn’t be half as easy if it weren’t for AquaFund, our very own fully funded grant service.

Savings made on average:


Total people taken out of water poverty:

1 million

What Is AquaFund?

AquaFund is our multi-million-pound grant that allows organisations to smartly manage water demand and make significant financial savings, without costing them a penny. With extensive industry experience, AquaFund works collaboratively with your organisation to meet and exceed your water saving and sustainability targets. You can expect to save between 20% and 30% on your water consumption alone. And that’s not all. On top of your water consumption savings you get an added financial saving. Whatever you save, AquaFund will give you at least 50% to go straight to your organisation’s bottom line. Your AquaFund grant provides your organisation with everything you need to make water efficiency and financial savings.

What’s Included With AquaFund?

  • Surveys of all your sites, providing technical, financial, operational and environmental evaluations.
  • Installation and maintenance of relevant, cutting-edge water efficiency technologies.
  • Consolidation of billing data and site data for all water accounts.
  • Total transparency on all water supplier costs and consumption provided.
  • Calculation of your water footprint and insights into your water usage.
  • Legal and admin resources to optimise your water tariffs.
  • Verification and validation of all your water bills via our award-winning water bureau service.
  • Investigation of water consumption anomalies.
  • Monthly online reports for in-depth analysis and visibility on water usage with tangible improvement suggestions.
  • Statistical benchmarks for your building classifications.
  • Environmental certifications.
  • Reassurance that water consumption reductions are maintained to guarantee savings.
  • Leak detection services.
  • Contribution to your social responsibility targets.
  • An expert water Account Manager.
  • Regular site visits,
  • 24-hour help desk.
  • Expert technical backup.

Water Aid

But our mission to save water doesn’t stop with Britain. AquaFund also donates 1% of its revenue to WaterAid, helping millions of people in the world’s poorest countries have access to clean, safe water.

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