We Manage…

M3 of water:

 5 billion

Metres of pipework:

2.4 million

M2 of estates:


What We Do

sustainable solutions ADSM

Sustainable Solutions

We are ADSM, the leading utility management specialists. We provide a wide range of utility management solutions; from energy and water consultancy to complete utility bill management. We work with you to meet today’s environmental challenges while delivering significant financial savings to you and your organisation.

water efficiency grant ADSM

Grant Funded Services

We have a number of fully-funded grants that help your organisation keep on top of water management without costing you a penny. Our grants provide your business with a variety of services, including; our industry leading bureau service for your utility bills, innovative technology and expertly identified water and cost saving opportunities.

utility management ADSM

Award-Winning Utility Management

Our highly innovative and award-winning approach has allowed us to help central government, local government, the NHS, leading universities and other private sector organisations to achieve permanent reductions in cost and consumption. To date, we have helped save the UK millions of pounds in water and energy bills.

Our Heritage

ADSM is a thought-leader and pioneer in the energy and utilities industry. We have won numerous awards for our innovative work helping public and private sector organisations achieve ambitious sustainability objectives, while realising unrivalled savings. We have been water management advisors to the government since 1998, tasked with the complex challenge of helping Britain’s organisations save water. We were the first company in Europe to receive accreditation to three major quality assurance standards too, a reflection of our continuous commitment to quality of utility management services. Over the last few decades, our multi-million-pound grants have enabled countless organisations to benefit from cutting-edge technology, in-depth industry knowledge and seamless control over their utility consumption, without having to raise their budget whatsoever.

Our Vision

We want to start replacing tears with fresh water. We’re very proud of our long-standing partnership with WaterAid, which has seen over a million people in the world’s poorest countries gain access to fresh and safe water. By reducing usage costs in the UK, ADSM have been able to make donations to the WaterAid charity. These donations have not only been used to improve – even save – many lives, but also help our clients reach their corporate social responsibility targets at the same time.