ADSM is delighted to have been victorious at the Green Gown Awards for its superb results in Sustainable Facilities Management in the educational sector, on behalf of the University of Cumbria. We have provided the university with a 360-degree water management system that slashed its water consumption by an incredible 18 million litres over the past year.

With the impressive scale of the University of Cumbria’s savings, ADSM has also been able to contribute significant profits to Water Aid, providing 150,000 Africans living in distressing circumstances with with fresh water and sanitation for life.

Thanks to our unique ‘no up-front fees’ service, this has also been achieved without the university having to allocate any resources from its own budget.

Chancellor of the University of Manchester, Lemn Sissay, MBE, said at the close of the Event:“If all education institutions created individuals and initiatives like these, we would have a much brighter future full of leading lights”.


Your current water supplier may not be so concerned about your sites’ over-consumption. Equally, they may not realise when there are mistakes, and anomalies, in their invoicing. This is why, for any clients we don’t retail water to, we offer a forensic invoice validation service that goes through every line of your multi-site bills, identifying and challenging any instances of over-charging. And be in no doubt, there are usually plenty of them. Typically, by allowing us to deal with your current water provider, before passing on the corrected, validated bill to your organisation, you can expect to see it drop by around 20%. To this end, along with the considerable forensic data-analysis involved, ADSM will also manage the relationship, and negotiations, with your retailer.

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