The superb achievements of the AquaFund partnership earnt the University of Cumbria and ADSM an invitation to an exclusive event in Manchester, to share the explosive results achieved through Sustainable Facilities Management in the educational sector.

With the AquaFund grant, the University of Cumbria was able to access a 360-degree water management solution, which slashed its water use by 18 million litres and provided 150,000 people with fresh water and sanitation for life, without any of the risks of ‘investing to save’ normally seen from an organisation allocating resources from its own budget.

Chancellor of the University of Manchester, Lemn Sissay, MBE, said at the close of the Event:

“If all education institutions created individuals and initiatives like these, we would have a much brighter future full of leading lights”
Due to the success of AquaFund, other organisations are now able to receive a grant to make their own water and financial savings, whilst lifting people out of poverty.

ADSM were proud to have been a part of such a prestigious event and are looking forward to sharing more ground-breaking water savings next year.