So now you will be using a lot less water, while paying less for what you do use. A double-whammy of savings. However, it doesn’t stop there, because even the way we bill your organisation for water can help to reduce your outgoings.


At ADSM we hold the water consumption benchmarking data for 500 different types of commercial or industrial premises. This means that, at a glance, we can tell whether any of your sites is over-using, or being overcharged for, its water supply. Effectively, our data-analytics works as a failsafe, to ensure that we are running your water as efficiently, and fairly, as possible.


Your current water supplier may not be so concerned about your sites’ over-consumption. Equally, they may not realise when there are mistakes, and anomalies, in their invoicing. This is why, for any clients we don’t retail water to, we offer a forensic invoice validation service that goes through every line of your multi-site bills, identifying and challenging any instances of over-charging. And be in no doubt, there are usually plenty of them. Typically, by allowing us to deal with your current water provider, before passing on the corrected, validated bill to your organisation, you can expect to see it drop by around 20%. To this end, along with the considerable forensic data-analysis involved, ADSM will also manage the relationship, and negotiations, with your retailer.


Whatever services we provide for your organisation, you’ll never pay a fee to ADSM. You have no upfront costs and no financial risk. Instead, during the period of time we are working together, ADSM keeps 50% of the money that you save. That means, in the highly unlikely event that you don’t save anything, then you don’t pay anything either. After five years’ collaboration, you will retain 100% of your ongoing savings, and all the tech and equipment we have installed will be yours to keep.


ADSM’s affiliation with Water Aid will not cost your organisation anything, either – though it will certainly boost your environmental and charitable credentials. This is because our donations to Water Aid are helping to bring a reliable supply of fresh water to those around the world who are without one. The amount your ‘account’ with us has contributed will be displayed, along with all your other water data, via our handy App.

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