Since joining the AquaFund grant in April 2013 the college has cut its water bill by 6.2 per cent through efficiencies such as identifying leaks and installing water saving technology. Ian Durham, Director of Physical Resources at Shipley College, said: “The AquaFund scheme helps some of the poorest people in the world while saving the college water, which is a fantastic achievement. The overall saving we have made is great, as our water consumption has risen due to our horticultural operations being increased due to the expansion of Bradford Works – our contracting horticultural social enterprise. We are delighted that our contribution has enabled WaterAid to provide safe, clean water.” Along with providing all the finance and resources in order for the college to make their water efficiencies and financial savings, AquaFund also donates a proportion of its revenue to charity WaterAid each year on the college’s behalf. In 2013-14 the college has helped support thousands of the world’s poorest people in Tanzania, providing new boreholes, shallow wells, water points and much more. This year’s project will be focusing on bringing safe water and sanitation to the people of Nepal.