We’re Making Waves In The Water Retail Market

What is a Water Retailer?

Water Company
Water Retailer

A water retailer is someone who acts like a middleman between you and your water company. You pay your water retailer for a water supply and, on top of that, your water retailer will be able to provide other water services too. Many water retailers offer extra services like site surveys, leak detection services and account management.  However, it’s important you choose your water retailer carefully as not all of these extra services are free. Some may require you to pay a one-off charge, a fee whenever the service is taken out, or even a monthly fee.

What Makes Us Different From Other Water Retailers?

Benchmarking Data

We have access to over 500 different building classifications and a vast amount of statistical benchmarking data.

Water Leak Detection

We cut thousands in losses every year by detecting water leaks early and fixing them before the damage is done.

Water Bill Management

Managing water bills is a key way in which water retail customers can save. We ensure your being charged the right tariff.

Water Saving Technology

We install and maintain cutting-edge water saving technology to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Online Customer Portal

We provide all of our water retail customers with an online customer portal so that you can stay on top of water usage.

Site Surveys

We survey all of your sites so we can better understand your water usage and how to improve it.

24 Hour Helpdesk

We provide all of our water retail customers with a 24-hour helpdesk so that whenever you need us we are there.


We never leave our customers in the dark if they have a question that’s why we offer full consultancy services.

Smarter Water Management

Smarter water management not only saves our customers water. It saves them money too.

Find Out How We Stack Up

Want to know how our services compare to the rest of the competition? Check out our compaison chart to find out exactly what makes us unique in the open water retail market.

And That’s Not All…


Our award-winning AquaFund scheme allows you to take advantage of all of the benefits and extra services that a water retailer would provide. The only difference is you won’t have to spend a penny. Our AquaFund scheme is free to sign up to and incurs no fees or charges. Just pay for your water supply and benefit from leak detection, bill validation, tariff evaluations, site surveys, installation and maintenance of all water-saving equipment, complete account management, monthly analysis reports, statistical benchmarking data and much more.

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