Our Work With Water Aid

million people lack access to clean water

million people helped through AquaFund so far

million more people aimed to help

water aid

To Help 3.5 Million People Out Of Water Poverty

Our Mission To Save Water Doesn’t Stop With Britain

Since 2007, ADSM’s partnership with WaterAid has helped over 1 million people across the world gain access to fresh water and sanitation. Each year a percentage of AquaFund revenue goes directly to WaterAid, contributing to the charity’s important work in the world’s poorest countries – transforming lives by improving access to clean, safe water. AquaFund – ADSM’s multi-million pound grant which enables Britain’s organisations like yours to make financial and water savings, without the need for any budget. Every m3 of water that British organisations save with AquaFund directly benefits those in water poverty internationally.