Smarter Water Management

At ADSM, we believe that smarter water management not only leads to financial savings but environmental ones too.

What’s Included In This Service?

Our research shows that water is one of the most poorly managed utilities and subsequently incurs the most losses within organisations. That’s why we’ve put together an innovative and sustainable solution to address all of your water management challenges. Our smarter water management services provide you with a review of your existing water-consuming assets and operating practices; all the assistance you need to improve and maintain your organisation’s water usage efficiency and impact on the environment; surveys of all your sites; identification of opportunities for savings on all your sites; validated water bills; environmental certifications; helpdesk advice; complete account management; water and waste water audits; benchmarking and consumption profiling; automatic meter reading (AMR) technology; tariff savings; meter down-sizing; and CO2 carbon footprint reporting.

Implement Smarter Water Management Now

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