AquaFund Mini

Our mission to help organisations save on their water costs and consumption is made even more possible with AquaFund Mini, our very own fully funded grant service.

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What Is AquaFund Mini?

Our research shows that 90% of water customers are overcharged. This is simply because they do not manage their water consumption and bills as efficiently as they could. With AquaFund mini your organisation can realise real financial savings on water bills – without costing you a penny. Your AquaFund Mini grant provides your organisation with everything you need to make water efficiency and financial savings through your water bills.

What’s Included With AquaFund Mini?

  • A full audit of your water billing data to ensure the data is clean and relates to your buildings and accounts.
  • Analysis of your historical billing data, identifying overcharges or mistakes.
  • Reclaims of overcharges on your behalf, obtaining cheques from your water supplier for historical overcharges.
  • Obtains refunds and rebates, giving you ongoing savings.
  • Validatation of your water bills, ensuring your ongoing bills and charges are correct.
  • Analysis of your water consumption, showing you how it compares to similar buildings.
  • Surveys of your sites, where applicable at our expense, when we need to verify savings.
  • Challenges and negotiates tariffs with your supplier – we pay for legal and regulatory challenges if necessary to secure your refunds.
  • Grant you online access to view your processed bills and performance reports.


But our mission to save water doesn’t stop with Britain. AquaFund Mini also donates 1% of its revenue to WaterAid, helping millions of people in the world’s poorest countries have access to clean, safe water.

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