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Why AquaFund?


With its headquarters in Chichester, West Sussex County Council (WSCC) governs the county of West Sussex, incorporating seven district and borough councils and 159 town, parish and neighbourhood councils. It is responsible for public services such as education, emergency services, social services, public safety, waste and resource sustainability.

As part of the County Council’s drive to be more efficient, environmentally friendly and make budget savings; officers were looking at opportunities to reduce water bills, and the Council’s carbon footprint, to meet the county’s reduction target of 50% by 2025. Although they had achieved some savings in water use, the Council believed they could make further improvements in water efficiency across their corporate estate.

To help them realise these savings, they joined the AquaFund grant scheme. AquaFund, from ADSM, provided everything the Council needed to reduce its water consumption without any loss of water service provision.

What We Did

At the start of the project, AquaFund installed several Automatic Meter Reader units, giving detailed usage information across their many offices, community centres, libraries, children’s homes and fire station buildings. AquaFund’s onsite surveys and consumption analysis identified several long-standing water leaks and also discovered that the Council was paying for fire-fighting water which should not have come from its water budget, providing immediate cost reductions. These reductions are in addition to the 26% year-on-year savings achieved through AquaFund.

What We’re Still Doing


All the equipment needed to monitor and maintain water efficiencies was installed under the AquaFund grant scheme at no cost to West Sussex County Council. After the contract period, all the AquaFund installed technologies will be signed over to the County Council at no additional charge.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“The significant savings achieved through AquaFund are particularly welcome at a time when budgets are under strain. It’s a win-win situation – good for taxpayers, good for the environment and, through AquaFund’s partnership with WaterAid, supports the charity’s vital work.”

Michael Brown

Cabinet Member For Finance And Resources, West Sussex County Council