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Why AquaFund?

Watford Borough Council in Hertfordshire has a large number of water-consuming sites across its region, including: council buildings, leisure facilities, swimming pools, community centres, colleges, council housing and accommodation for the elderly.

Watford Borough Council were looking for suggested ways to reduce their overall water consumption and thereby reduce their costs and help meet their sustainability targets. The council approached ADSM because they felt that their water consumption and water bills were higher than necessary and they wanted ADSM to investigate and advise.

What We Did


ADSM collated and analysed the data from Watford Council’s annual water usage and compared this to its national benchmark information under the Watermark scheme (which was the origin of both now the AquaFund and AquaMark grant schemes), a benchmarking scheme which ADSM set up on behalf of the government. The comparison showed that there was indeed room for some dramatic water savings.

Watford Borough Council selected 17 key over-consuming sites, including council buildings, leisure facilities and accommodation for the elderly and signed up for a comprehensive water efficiency plan under ADSM’s Water Services Contract (now the AquaFund grant scheme), which was tailored to the Borough’s specific requirements. The scheme provided the council with: a survey of each participating site, installation of water-saving technology, annual maintenance of water-saving devices, tariff and water bill validation, monitoring for unusual water consumption activity, monthly KPI reports for each site, measured savings versus targeted savings reporting, a help desk service and environmental certification.

Additionally, ADSM provided Watford Borough Council with a fast-response leak detection and repair service for their entire portfolio of buildings across the whole Borough, including council housing. The council witnessed a reduction in water consumption, equating to 29% of its annual bill. Five of the sites reduced water consumption by over 50%.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“ADSM works constantly to deliver innovative solutions to the Borough, which enable us to reduce substantially our water consumption and costs. The reports that we receive each month provide my department with the management information that we need for submission to our annual sustainability report. We are pleased to be working in partnership with ADSM.”

Energy Manager

Watford Borough Council