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Why AquaFund?


The University of Liverpool in the North West of England accommodates 32,000 students and 4,700 staff in an area covering 40 hectares. Annually, the University of Liverpool consumes over 330,000 cubic metres of water from its halls of residences, catering areas, campus buildings, fitness centre, veterinary college and dairy farm. This puts them in the category of a large water user and, ever mindful of increasing costs and environmental impacts, the University wanted to ensure that water was not being wasted.

By participating in ADSM’s AquaFund grant scheme, the University maximises their water efficiency across the entire University estate on an on-going basis.

What We Did

What We’re Still Doing

At no up-front cost to the University, AquaFund’s surveyors audited the entire University estate and installed water-saving technologies. The scheme also provided 37 Automatic Meter Readers free of charge on the University’s highest consuming sites, giving visibility of water usage 24 hours a day, throughout the year. Monitoring of the AMR data significantly reduced water consumption through the early identification of unexpected usage changes – including underground water leaks – and alleviated water losses. In addition to providing expertise and resources, AquaFund was able to negotiate a tariff saving with the University’s water supplier, resulting in a large cost reduction. The University also has piece of mind that all their water bills are checked and validated by AquaFund’s water bureau service.

Regular analysis and reports on water performance are provided to the University, which can also be accessed online, and a weekly report for their finance department imports straight into their reporting system.

University of Liverpool and ADSM were also finalists in the Green Gown Awards as well as the Sustainability Leaders Awards, in the water management category for ‘demonstrating true leadership, innovation and genuine progress in embedding sustainability throughout their operations.’

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“ADSM are extremely professional and have helped us lower our water consumption considerably. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Peter Birch

Engineering Manager , University of Liverpool