The Fire Service College


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Why AquaFund?


The Fire Service College has residential facilities for 600 students together with extensive recreational facilities, including: a self-contained leisure centre with squash courts, a full-sized swimming pool, a fitness room and a large, multi-sports hall. Outdoors there are football and rugby pitches and a golf practice area. They also have offices in Gloucestershire and London.

Having seen ADSM present at a recent Roadshow, the Fire Service College visited ADSM’s website and completed a Water Health Check online to see how their water consumption compared to benchmark usage. The results showed that the Fire Service College and its sites were over-consuming water against national benchmarks for similar facilities.

What We Did

By analysing 12 months of historic consumption data, ADSM was able to confirm that there was definitely room for some significant savings – both financial savings and savings in water consumption – and came to the Fire Service College’s rescue with an AquaFund Water Services Contract (now the AquaFund grant scheme).

ADSM’s AquaFund grant scheme covered the installation of state-of-the-art water-saving technologies; the evaluation of their operating practices; and the management of their tariffs and bills as well as other water saving measures. ADSM was able to save the Fire Service College 10% on their water bill in just the first quarter of the partnership, with an annual consumption saving of 39%, year-on-year.

What We’re Still Doing

ADSM provides all the assistance the Fire Service College needs to maintain the water usage efficiencies and financial savings throughout the life of the AquaFund partnership and beyond.