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Why AquaFund?

ADSM had already worked with the Department for Education on a major water consumption benchmarking exercise within the Public Sector, called WaterMark; in conjunction with the Office of Government Commerce. The Department for Education was one of the first organisations to enter into a no-risk Water Services Contract (now the AquaFund grant scheme), to make water efficiency improvements across their estate. Across five key sites, accommodating 4,900 staff, water savings totalling over £120,000 were made.

The Department of Education were keen to get involved to fast-track savings and meet the new government targets for reduced water consumption; however, through WaterMark it became apparent that the level of water consumption was above typical levels.

What We Did

ADSM carried out a detailed study of water usage and consumption at the Department of Education’s five key sites and found that, whilst all sites were well managed, there were further water saving measures that could be made at each of the sites.

Through AquaFund, water consumption per person was reduced, quarter on quarter – all without the Department of Education having to raise a budget or employ consultants, project managers or installers to undertake these saving measures. During the five years of the water contract, the Department of Education continued to reap financial benefits whilst meeting government targets for water conservation in their offices.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“The partnership with ADSM provides a real opportunity to fast track savings to meet government targets whilst at the same time delivering financial savings. We are delighted to be one of the first government departments to sign up to this water service contract. It demonstrates once again that good environmental management makes excellent business sense.”

Rose Cliff

Environment and Energy Manager, The Department of Education