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Why AquaFund?

With its headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, the Hertfordshire Police Constabulary is responsible for an area of 632 square miles with a population of over a million. As part of its commitment to reducing costs and becoming an environmentally responsible force, the Constabulary joined the AquaFund grant scheme, from water efficiency experts ADSM, which provides all the finance and resources to reduce water costs and usage.

What We Did


The AquaFund grant scheme awarded Hertfordshire Police a full grant and supplied everything necessary to make water efficiencies and financial savings – including consultancy services, site audits and state-of-the art water saving technologies – together with water data and tariff analysis, bill validation services and on-going water usage monitoring.

To enable ADSM to have a detailed understanding of how the Constabulary was using water Automatic Meter Readers were installed giving a comprehensive profile of water consumption across all their buildings. The data enabled relevant water saving efficiencies to be identified and the relevant water-saving technologies to be installed.

What We’re Still Doing

ADSM analysts can now continually review the AMR water usage data – transmitting at 15 minute intervals – to check for anomalies in usage and early indications of water leaks. AquaFund has provided the Constabulary with significant and ongoing cost savings and reductions in water wastage, reflecting ADSM’s expertise and the high levels of cooperation and communication with the Constabulary.

Through AquaFund’s donations to WaterAid, every m3 of water that the Constabulary saves directly benefits those in water poverty internationally, the Constabulary have helped assist 356,000 people gain access to safe water and sanitation across India and Tanzania.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“The Constabulary is committed to reducing its water costs, water usage and environmental impacts. The AquaFund grant scheme has provided us with all the funds and resources to enable us to do that. It’s a bonus that by utilising AquaFund we are also helping WaterAid to bring fresh drinking water to thousands.”

Ian Potter

Head of Estates and Facilities , Hertfordshire Constabulary