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Why AquaFund?

Eton College in Berkshire, educates over 1,300 pupils and is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. For both environmental and financial reasons, Eton College decided to undertake an audit of its water usage.

What We Did


The college started with a complete review of water usage across the entire estate, with a view to introducing organisation-wide water management and water efficiency initiatives. ADSM installed innovative technology designed to reduce water consumption in relevant areas across the campus at no cost to Eton College. Other measures included state-of-the-art monitoring and targeting of the Water Efficiency Project, with the resulting data allowing the college to create a lifecycle maintenance strategy, ensuring that the efficiency savings are continually achieved.

The benefits of the project were immediately apparent from both an environmental and a financial perspective. In the first year, there was a reduction in total water usage of 67,720m3, which resulted in a cost saving of 20% of the entire college water bill. The college had no initial outlay – savings on the water accounts were achieved as soon as the project started.

What We’re Still Doing

The maintenance department instigated a monthly meter reading program for all of the 200+ water meters on the site. These readings were then checked against the water supplier invoices and quantified to ensure accuracy and to provide early warnings of any potential leaks or equipment faults. Quarterly progress meetings were held between ADSM and Eton College to track performance of the water efficiency project and to promote continuous improvement.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“What particularly attracted us to ADSM, compared with other firms, was that their contract was 100% performance based and represented a risk-free option for the college, should no saving be achieved. It also provided the vehicle to enable us to fast-track substantial water savings. The company’s partnership approach and industry credentials were further important factors when we took the decision to appoint them.”

Ian Mellor

Bursar, Eton College