Ealing Council


saved yearly

thousand m3 of water saved

thousand kg of CO2 saved

Why AquaFund?

Ealing Council is the third largest in London, with many buildings and sites spread over a wide area, including; office buildings, sports centres, swimming pools, parks and street cleaning depots to name but a few. Like many local authorities, Ealing needs to make significant reductions in its budget and has been tasked with total savings of £85 million over a 4-year period.

The Sustainability Team at Ealing knew the opportunity existed to make financial savings and reduce their CO2 by using less water across the Borough. They wanted to work with a water efficiency specialist, well versed in the challenges that face a local authority, to help evaluate the potential for saving water and to implement a comprehensive water efficiency plan.

Ealing Council chose ADSM, water advisers to the government and providers of the multi-million-pound AquaFund grant scheme, which funds all the resources and expertise needed to reduce water consumption in organisations, including; the full grant, consultancy services, site audits and state-of-the-art water saving technologies, water data and tariff analysis, bill validation services and on-going monitoring.

The success of the partnership is reflected by a win at the 2014 Water Efficiency Awards – a prestigious awards scheme which recognises exceptional water efficiency achievements.

What We Did

What We’re Still Doing

Along with all the resources above, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) equipment and submeters were installed across the council estate to ensure a true picture of water usage, capturing detailed water data every 15 minutes individually across multiple sites and buildings. Through the installation of AMR, onsite surveys and consumption analysis, several large water leaks were identified in two of the Council’s cemeteries.

The Head of Ealing’s Parks Department congratulated AquaFund for identifying and swiftly fixing the leaks, saving a considerable amount of money which was being wasted, possibly for years.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“Water is a precious resource and this is an opportunity for the Council to both reduce the amount of water it uses, as well as save money. I am delighted that it also means that by taking on this project, we are also   supporting WaterAid and helping to bring life-saving fresh water and sanitation to those who vitally need it.”

Councillor Bassam Mahfouz

Cabinet Minister for Transport and Environment, Ealing Council