Ashfield District Council


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Why AquaFund?


Situated in north-west Nottinghamshire, the District of Ashfield lies close to Nottingham City and East Midlands Airport and is home to 108,700 residents. A ‘regenerated and empowered Ashfield’ is the Council’s vision.

As part of an overall sustainability drive the Council joined the AquaFund Grant scheme in order to further reduce its water costs and consumption and improve the environmental performance of its buildings.

What We Did


Water invoices, dating back several years, were audited and all future water bills analysed and validated to international accounting standards by ADSM Bureau specialists; ensuring all the Council’s sites were on optimum tariffs and any overcharging errors were rectified with the water supplier.

Additionally, the AquaFund grant provided the council with the funding, the resources and the expertise to make water savings, without the Council having to source a budget. This included: detailed water surveys; technical, financial and environmental evaluations of all water consuming sites; comparisons against national benchmarks to identify over-consuming sites; installation of state-of-the-art water saving technologies, including Automatic Meter Readers (AMR), which enabled constant monitoring and measuring of water usage for key locations; maintenance on all installed equipment; full water bureau billing and validation services; monthly monitoring and targeting reports for in-depth analysis and visibility on water usage status; unusual consumption monitoring for early identification of leaks or other anomalies, which could be addressed immediately.

What We’re Still Doing


Through the AquaFund grant scheme, the Council’s water usage is continually monitored by water analysts, ensuring that the Council’s efficiencies are maintained and financial savings guaranteed. Regular monitoring also ensures that any anomalies in consumption can be detected, assessed and remedied quickly by ADSM engineers, ensuring against costly leakage on site.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“The Council was keen to drive water sustainability across its portfolio. AquaFund provided the finance and the resources to enable us to do so. The AquaFund grant scheme has provided us with everything we need to lower our water expenditure and keep it low. Simple to apply for and nothing for us to implement – an extremely useful and worthwhile scheme.”

Adrian Anderson

Energy Co-Ordinator, Ashfield District Council