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AquaFund is the one-of-a-kind full water performance services grant. Our award-winning grant scheme allows you to take advantage of all of the benefits and services that a top utility consultancy would provide – the only difference is you won’t have to spend a penny. Our AquaFund scheme is free to sign up to and incurs no fees or charges. Get an array of water performance services such as leak detection, bill validation, tariff, evaluations, site surveys, installation and maintenance of all water-saving equipment, complete account management, monthly analysis reports, statistical benchmarking data and much more.

AquaMark is a revolutionary water benchmarking scheme – the most comprehensive and ambitious scheme of its kind. With over 500 different building classifications, AquaMark makes saving money and water simpler. Find out how we’re using data to change the water industry and help customers get the best out of their water usage.