Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service has recently joined a growing number of public sector organisations who are about to benefit from the water and cost saving measures accessed through the AquaFund grant scheme.

As austerity measures continue to have an impact on support services, many public sector organisations are finding that AquaFund is playing a vital role in enabling them to drive down their water costs and increase their sustainability with no outlay whatsoever.

With the help of AquaFund through ADSM, the Service can expect to save 30% on current water expenditure through the significant reduction of their water footprint across every site; including the headquarters, training centre, and communications centre, as well as every fire station within the Service – without the need for any budget.

Through the assistance to the support services facilitated by the AquaFund grant scheme, Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service will be able to reap the benefits of significant financial savings for a long time to come.