ADSM and Bart’s Health NHS Trust secured first place in the ‘Most Innovative Cost Saving Idea’ category in the Estates & Facilities Management class at the Building Better Healthcare Awards last night with their initiative AquaFund.

The Awards took place on the 5th of November 2014 at prestigious venue ‘The Brewery’ in Central London. The Building Better Healthcare Awards celebrate innovation, architecture, people, products and services that are helping to transform patient care in the UK.

Kevin Oxley, head judge in the estates and facilities management class, said about AquaFund:

“This is a significant and forward-thinking scheme that targets savings that have no quality impact on the delivery of patient care. It has led to savings in excess of £1m and many ‘green’ benefits.

Saving water might seem quite obvious, but we have to believe that it is the next big money-saving idea for every hospital. Millions of gallons of water is flushed down the drain every year and there’s a big cost associated with this. We all tend to think about heating and electricity, so it’s a very strong entry.”

ADSM and the AquaFund Grant have worked together with the Trust for over 5 years to create a partnership which delivers measurable and transparent water efficiencies and important cost savings – without the Trust needing to raise any budget what-so-ever.

Our winning project has delivered:

  • Financial savings of over £1.2 million
  • Consumption savings of over 643 million litres of water which equates to an average 25% saving on consumption – which has been maintained year on year
  • Saved over 308 tonnes of CO2e
  • Improved skills to the Trusts workforce
  • Improved the efficiency of Trust buildings – processes and the installation of water saving equipment and Automatic Meter Readers
  • Provided total visibility on all of the Trust’s operational, financial and billing data for the entire estate
  • Demonstrated the benefits of addressing water consumption
  • Helped assist over 557,000 people out of water poverty
  • The Trust is now prepared for the deregulation of the water markets in 2017 and the threat of water scarcity

AquaFund provided the Trust with all the finance and resources necessary in order to reduce its water consumption and achieve financial savings; including the full grant, consultancy services, site audits and state-of-the-art water saving technologies, together with water data and tariff analysis, bill validation, services and on-going monitoring.

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