ADSM (AquaFund) Help Support Water Sustainability with the NHS

ADSM (AquaFund) Help Support Water Sustainability with the NHS

ADSM are proud to be supporting NHS Sustainability Day for the third year running, working together to promote water efficiency best practice across the NHS.

March 26th 2015, NHS Sustainability day, is one day in a sustained campaign, yet it provides a focus for organisations to participate on that day in initiating or continuing progress on achieving better sustainability practice. It has now attracted senior level endorsement within the NHS and from the Prime Minister.

The lead up to NHS Sustainability Day 2015 is being marked by a number of roadshows across Britain to share NHS Sustainability best practice. Each roadshow will identify key aspects of sustainable development within healthcare practise addressing the challenges and achievements along the way.


  • Manchester – 8th October
  • Leeds – 15th October 2014
  • Liverpool – 13th November 2014
  • Coventry – 15th January 2015
  • Gloucester – 5th February 2015
  • London – 25th February 2015
  • NHS SUSTAINBILITY DAY – 26th March 2015


More info about the day can be found here